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You can completely get rid of laminitis in your horse! Call us on 01243 773363.


What is Laminitis?

Laminitis is a painful condition of horses’ feet. The actual word laminitis means ‘inflammation (itis) of the sensitive laminae (lamin)’. These laminae are the membranes that hold the bone of the foot (pedal bone) in place inside the foot. So in Laminitis when they get inflamed it is as if your horse has to stand on a very badly bruised fingernail.

Laminitis made easy

The pain of laminitis must be similar to when we shut our fingers in the car door, but it is worse for the horse because he or she has to stand with all his or her weight on those bruised areas. Laminitis can occur in any horse at any time of year but most commonly affects ponies and show horses in the spring when new lush grass starts growing. Laminitis as a condition is not fully understood by scientists and vets.

Nevertheless treatment can still be very effective in simple cases. Because it is primarily a nutritional problem, food supplements can be particularly useful.
Please pay special attention to the sections entitled TREATMENT & MANAGEMENT / PREVENTION

So, if you need urgent advice for a laminitic horse, please ring Stephen Ashdown direct, or one of his team, on one of the helpline numbers given below.

Free Equine Veterinary Advice Helpline: 01243 773363 (UK)
Free Equine Veterinary Advice Helpline: 0044 1243 773363 (International)
Mobile Equine Veterinary Advice Helpline: 07734 240 709 (UK)
All numbers available 9 am – 5.00 pm UK time.