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When you use dietary control to help with laminitis treatment remember that a lack of proper nutrients may make it more difficult and slow healing. This is why supplements are very important not only for ensuring that your horse recovers but also to make sure that he or she does not become nutritional deficient whilst undergoing treatment.

Because Laminitis is really a nutritional problem it is possible to help horses a lot by using nutritional supplements. These are not used as medicines but as aids to the work of your vet. Aloe vera, probiotics and antioxidants can help a lot but we find liver tonic to be the most effective supplement we have found yet.

A liver tonic supports the way the body deals with toxins that are circulating around the body and at the same time tones up the digestive process. It has the added benefit that most other parts of the body work a lot better once the liver is toned up.